Update on New Products and the CAMP HOWL Team


Clyde’s surgery had severe complications that lead to him being hospitalized for 4 nights. He is home now but recovery is going to be a rough road.

We are not currently taking orders. We will work as quickly as possible to get all current orders fulfilled, and will be back online when Clyde is in good health. Thank you for your patience!

 - - - - -

Hey y’all, welcome to our new blog! We thought this would be a good way to keep everyone up to date with our whereabouts and when we’ll be adding new stock and merchandise online.

Our creative critter, Clyde, will be having surgery on Monday, March 28th. We’ll be operating a little slower while he's recovering for the following few weeks. We have no conventions scheduled for the month of April so that he can have ample recovery time. 

We know a lot of people have been patiently waiting for us to add new stock to the site. We’re a small two-person operation working out of a residence in Atlanta, GA. Getting back to conventions after an almost two year break caused by COVID-19 has proven to be difficult, even with our experience. Travel and conventions have changed a lot, so we’re still finding our footing while trying to also manage everything behind-the-scenes. We can't thank y'all enough for the patience and kindness we've been met with! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much. 🧡

We’ve decided to get our new stock of hoodies, backpacks, shirts, etc. online by this fall. We’ll be attending conventions monthly throughout the summer, so buying in-person is your best bet until then!

Our reasoning for this is due to the time-consuming nature of new product photos and inventory. Previously we have closed shop online to focus on conventions, but we’re trying something new by keeping the storefront live while we travel.

We’ll keep y’all updated as best as possible here and on our socials, @CAMPHOWL on Twitter and Instagram.

Take care and stay safe. 🐺

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